Favorite Tools and Resources

Welcome to the resources page. Here you can find a curated list of my favorite resources and tools that may help you too, to get your work done, increase your productivity or that are just convenient for running and optimizing your life as an architect or your business.

Since they help me, they might be useful for you as well.


  iA Writer – Writing

I use this tool for all sorts of writing and I fall in love every time I start typing, because it lets me focus on pure writing. The essentials are a monospace font, a grey background and a blue cursor, that’s it.  Tim Ferriss once said, that “clear writing comes from clear thinking” and iA Writer gives me the surrounding to think clear because it eliminates all noise and disruptions to a soothing plain surface. Of course it comes with great little features in the background. If you like writing, you’ll love this little tool as well.


  Headspace – Meditation

Headspace is one of my favorite iPhone apps. I use it every morning for at least 10 minutes of guided meditation as an inherent part of my morning routine. What I experienced is that it makes a huge difference for me whether I start with or without the 10 minutes of Headspace into the day. No worries: You don’t have to sit legs crossed on an uncomfortable pillow and it has nothing to do with some kind of spiritual philosophy. It is a very simple exercise with an upright position like sitting on a chair, ear plugs plugged in and then breathe. Sounds not that fancy, but in fact it is highly effective if you happen to establish a steady routine.


  Todoist – Todo-List

I use Todoist for a long time, because of its simple and intuitive functionality and user interface. The app helps me to structure my personal To-Do Lists (like grocery shopping and everything besides work) and it allows me to share lists with friends and colleagues. With this app I also structure all my personal projects (like The Curious Architect) and  I am experimenting with structuring the various tasks that need to be done in the office and delegate them to the employees with todoist. The software synchronizes easily between the mobile app and desktop computers which makes it easy to get stuff done from everywhere.


  Audible – Audio books

I love reading, but often I hardly find enough time to sit down and put everything aside. Since I spend a lot of time on the road, I started appreciating Audible and by now I have “read” several books on the way. Since I sit down a lot (too much) during the workdays, I like to take a long walk in the park and listen to a book or lying in the sun or even riding a bike. For me it has great value and at the same time it is very convenient to be able to dig into topics, being able to learn and listen to great book during the day. I don’t want to miss it anymore.


  Strato – WordPress Hosting / Germany

I’ve been building and experimenting with websites and blogs since many many years and strato is my number one resource for all my german websites ever since and it never disappointed me. One time I crashed my whole wordpress installation which I built over month and everything seemed to be gone. Luckily strato runs their own BackUps in the background (what I didn’t know). First I was literally hit to the rock bottom. When I found out, that I could reload the whole installation from the day before, I really fell in love with strato. At first, I started the initial project of “The Curious Architect” as a german blog, and it happened later that the idea evolved into what it is now.


  Bluehost – WordPress Hosting / International

  Box.com – Cloud Sharing / Teamwork

  Themeforest – WordPress Themes



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