Hi there,

and thanks a lot for your interest and curiosity about the story behind The Curious Architect. I am Michael, 28 years old and curious by nature. The name somehow describes my strongest opinion about life, the essence for me: Always be a student.

Looking at the world with a curious eye

Often times I think about a bunch of questions and ideas related to my life as an architect. The blog is something like the written reflection.

I am convinced, that nowadays, it is not enough to master only one profession and then sit back and relax. Our environment is changing fast and also does technology. This blog is intended to stay curious in a globalizing world, looking into the intersections of architecture where skills and professions are blending together.

After graduating with a masters degree in Landscape Architecture and various jobs in New York and Berlin, I also studied International Business besides my practice to add an economic world view and to get deeper insights into marketing and business theory. I started to blend my interest for architecture, marketing and entrepreneurship to find answers outside of what I had learned from architecture.

Today, I am running my own office which supplies me with the most topics and questions here on the blog, because I feel that often times I need a toolset of skills and knowledge which couldn’t be found in architecture itself.

Looking from different angles

Therefore I am curious about a lot, basically everything, but especially everything, that has some sort of intersection with architecture. That involves,  running an office, marketing, learning from startups, discovering new technology, entrepreneurship, modern management, balancing life, creating a company culture, everything that involves self development at different levels like productivity, socializing and motivation.

I hope you find something on the blog that you can take away with and that you have as much fun reading as I have writing.

If you have any ideas or thoughts about what you’d like to read on the blog, shoot me an email at: hi(at)thecuriousarchitect(dot)com

Without any further ado, I hope you enjoy it.



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